Admin Interface

  • Add grievance cell members
  • Create and monitor accounts of grievance cell members.
  • Verify and approve registered users(complainants)
  • Add details of the institution and a management representative
  • View complaints sent by the users
  • Check the authenticity of the complaint
  • Assign complaints to grievance cell members based on the complaint type
  • Generate reports in word/pdf/excel format
  • Account Settings to edit and reset admin profile

User (student/Parent/teacher/Non-teaching Staff) Interface

  • Post complaints in detail
  • View status of the complaints posted
  • Attach supporting files in favour of the complaint
  • View reply to the complaint posted
  • Option to post complaint in not less than 4000 words
  • Reopen the complaint for reinvestigation
  • Send alert on unattended(pending) complaints
  • View notifications from grievance cell members
  • Edit and reset profile

Grievance Cell Member Interface

  • View complaints sent by the user
  • Send reply to the complaints along with attachments, if any
  • View reminders on unattended complaints
  • Generate report on the total/pending/closed complaints, assigning start and end date
  • Give satisfactory solution to re-opened complaints
  • Edit and reset profile


  • Customisable and fully integrated report
  • Reports can be generated by assigning start and end date
  • Admin can create reports in three categories such as total grievances received, pending grievances, and closed grievances
  • Reports can be viewed/downloaded in word, pdf and excel format