Educational GRM

Eduscation's GRM

It’s the responsibility of every educational institute to make sure that its students and faculty members are fairly treated in all the activities at different times. Unfair treatment of institute stakeholders can badly affect the reputation and output of the institution. Even if these institutes follow egalitarian principles, there are chances for grievances from its stakeholders. In such cases, an impartial, transparent and confidential method should be opted by the authority to solve the issue. Wilkins Grievance Redressal Mechanism is the new age grievance cell designed for the registration and disposal of grievances online. Wilkins GRS is meticulously designed in accordance with the new AICTE directive on the mandatory implementation of online grievance redressal technology for the effective tracking and monitoring of grievances. The function of grievance redress system is to look into the complaints lodged by any aggrieved person, and fix it promptly.