E-Learning for Students

Eazyclasses makes it easy for the students to study – wherever they wish and whenever they wish. By logging in to the student portal with their credentials, students can access a wide array of materials and devices to satiate their thirst of knowledge.

Administrators can upload the study materials of his respective subject in form of PDF or Word documents. The students can read the materials online or download them to study at their convenient time.

Study Video / Audio
A picture speaks a thousand words! So, a video or an audio where Teachers impart lessons directly to students must be immensely effective. Students can get the feeling of learning in a one-to-one ambiance from the professor.

Quiz/MCQ Test
Teachers can upload quiz or multiple-choice questions (MCQ) for the students to answer. They can even upload images as the questions. The students can answer the questions and submit them for the Teachers to assess.

Questions & Answers
The students can navigate to the Questions & Answers section to read the possible questions and answers from a chapter. They can select the questions and answers based on the Professor who is imparting the lesson or filter them using the chapter.

Subjects that appear difficult to students can be made easy through stories and casual chitchats. The Teachers can write blogs for the students to ensure that the students feel interested in the subject and perform well. Once the log in to write the blogs, they are redirected to an external content management system, where they can write.

Question Paper Download
Teachers can upload question papers of the last five years/more, so that the students can view them. This enables the students to form an idea about the kind of questionsthey can expect at the exams.

Teacher Connect
When the student has any question regarding the study materials, they can find the teachers right away with Teacher Connect!
The students can post their query about some study materials and the Teachers will reply to the query through teacher connect.
The students as well as the Teachers can upload video or audio as well as write their queries and answers in Teacher Connect.

If the students face any issue while using the Student Portal, the Support team is always there to help and solve it. There are options for live chatting & WhatsApp communication with the support members.

Teachers can assign tasks to the students. Completing these tasks and submitting them for the Teachers to assess ensures that the students study sincerely and regularly. The results are reflected in improved marks in the exams.

Online Classes
No need to travel to the university at all! Teachers can schedule their classes online. Once the classes are scheduled, the students are notified accordingly. A link is sent to them to participate. The students can log in to the E-Classroom and click the link to join the Professor's lectures.Our solution will automatically keep track of the attendance of the students and teachers and management can generate attendance reports.

We have Schools, Universities, Government & Non Government Colleges & large multinationals like Axis Bank, SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) as our clients.

Salient Features:

  • Strong User management module.
  • Easy generation of customizable reports.
  • Responsive design, works perfectly on mobiles, tabs & laptops.
  • SMS and Email notification to the Students, Teachers & Admin
  • Compatible with all modern browsers available in the market.
  • Data backup on regular intervals.
  • Can be integrated with any payment gateway available in India if required at any point.
  • Developed in open source.
  • Secured application tested for all the major security vulnerabilities ( Tested by certified Cyber security experts)